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James Wu (Y.C.C.)
P.O. Box 770602
Woodside, NY 11377-0602

James Wu is a graduate of Mannes the New School for Music (BM '11 violin, MM '13 composition).

James has been recording concerts and musical performances since 2014. Sometimes they've occurred in strange and unconventional spaces but, given his conservatory refined hearing abilities and awareness of how musicians operate, he's always been up for the challenge.

During that time, James picked up on film audio techniques as well, using the same tools that allows him to create accurate and clean recordings: his ears. He's been a fully capable boom operator and mixer since 2016.

James prides himself on stitching and blending together pieces of audio seamlessly for a final mix that sounds like it was recorded in a single take. In sound design, he also understands how sound tells a story, with or without an image.

recordings from 2014 onward

various recordings from 2015 - 2017

Music production credits:

co-producer, assistant, various recordings

SoHo (2016) and The Jasmine Tree (2018)
editing and mixing
Film sound credits:

Necromurder (2018 short)

sound recordist
Pablo Vergara

AU (2017 short)
sound recordist
Maya Korn (Columbia University)

Festivals of Patience (2017 musical feature)
sound recordist
Jack Danini Productions

Nest (2017 short)
sound recordist and designer
Anna Holburn (NYU)

The Closing of the Palace (2017 short)
sound recordist
Patrick Ford (Columbia University)

Stuck (2017 short)
sound recordist
Saladin White (Columbia University)

The Wolves We Feed (2017 short)
sound recordist, equipment manager
David Corey Leos

Dramatis Personae (2017 web series)
sound recordist
Kreativnost Productions

Weight (2017 feature)
sound recordist
Rob Margolies

The Deported (2018 web series)
sound recordist, sound designer
Shalini Tripathi

Not a Love Story (2017 short)
sound recordist
Jokerface Films

Compliance (2017 short)
sound recordist and BTS photographer
Dominick LaRuffa, Jr.

Bananas (2017 short)
sound recordist
Ashish Pant (Columbia University)

Ratso (2017 short)
sound recordist
Punching Up Productions

Hi, I Am Sam (2017 short)
sound recordist
Ashish Pant

Skymark Ventures (2016 corporate)
sound recordist, equipment manager
2Bridges Productions

Renegade Darlings (2017 feature)
sound recordist
Ringtail Motion Pictures

Zombieland Long Island (2017 web series)
sound recordist
Jim Bonney

Bodega Cat (2017 short)
sound recordist
Reggie Street

The Art of the Lift (2016 trailer for web series)
sound recordist
Musa Bacon

The Art of Unrequited Love (2017 short)
sound recordist, DP, gaffer
Shaniyah Barnabela (NY Film Academy)

Monday Lemons (2016 short)
sound recordist, equipment manager
2Bridges productions

The Shit List (2017 web series)
sound recordist
Armando Bloom

Cocina de Soul (2016 web series)
sound recordist
Desiree Monae-Gibbs (the New School)

Not Another Corny Romance Story (2016 short)
sound recordist
Mitchell Welsh (NY Film Academy)

Embers (2016 short)
sound recordist
Ashish Pant

Charlie (2016 short)
sound recordist
Jokerface Films

Beserk Reunion (2016 trailer for web series)
sound recordist
Cesar Cross

Reactivation (2016 trailer for web series)
sound recordist and director of photography
Stewart Thomas

I’m No Hero (2016 web series)
sound recordist and equipment manager
2Bridges Productions

Butterfly (2016 short)
sound recordist, composer
Şerife Potuk

Suddenly, Banana (2017 short)
sound recordist and production assistant
Edan Jacob Levy

Master and Servant (2016 feature)
sound recordist
Ashish Pant

#10007 (2015 short)
sound recordist
Reginald Beltran