James' high-end music kit includes microphones Neumann TLM 107; microphone pairs Schoeps V4 U, MK22, MK2H, and MK2; and recorders Sound Devices 744t and/or 788t.

James' low-end music kit includes microphones Rode NT1 (5x) and NT5 (4x); and recorders Fostex DC-R302, Zoom F8, Zoom H6, or Tascam DR-70D.

(italic = optional)

James' high-end film kit includes boom microphones Schoeps CMIT, Sennheiser 416, and Schoeps MK41; lavalier microphones Sanken COS-11D (4x Sony, 3x XLR); wireless transmitters Sony UWP (4x bodypack, 3x Plug-in XLR); wireless receivers Sony UWP (2x dual ch, 6x single ch - can function as comtek/camera hops), and recorders Sound Devices 633 and/or 688.

James' low-end film kit includes boom microphones Rode NTG2 or Sennheiser MKE600 ; wireless lavalier sets RodeLink (3x); and recorders Tascam DR-70D, Fostex DC-R302, or Zoom F8.


James' editing rig consists of high end computers with software including Steinberg Cubase and Wavelab, Sony ACID and Sound Forge, Avid Pro Tools, and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.