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Event Audio Recording

Location recording services range from a simple microphone pair to individual microphones for each performer. Handheld microphone options are available. Direct outputs from electric instruments or mixers can be recorded. Wireless microphones are available but not recommended for best quality audio.

Studio recording services include audition tapes, studio sessions, live streaming, podcasts, and others.

Remote studio services are also possible, complete with small playback monitors and computer for immediate review and editing on the spot, or computer for streaming live events.

Production Sound

Location sound for film, interviews, documentaries, shows, etc., with up to 12 concurrent channels and 7 wireless microphones. Standard boom operator and mixer duties readily available.

Ambient soundscape recording with multiple microphones.

Studio services including dialogue, voiceovers, ADR, and many others.

Audio Editing / Post

Music audio editing includes producing (score marking), editing, mixing, and mastering.

Film audio editing includes sound design.


• Creation of music CD's (neatly printed labels optional)

• Conversion between audio formats

• Cassette to digital audio conversion

Recorded music

Production sound

Recorded interview

Sound design