Audio Recording


Live field recording services range from a simple microphone pair to individual microphones for each performer (up to 8). Direct inputs from electric instruments or any location mixers are also acceptable. Wireless microphones are available but not recommended for best quality audio.

Studio recording services include audition tapes, studio sessions, speech, voiceovers, and many others. My native studio, albeit quite small, features a baby grand piano (Otto Altenberg) in an intimately decorated setting, with enough remaining space for one or two persons. Also available is a Bridge Lyra 5-string electric violin, as well as a few MIDI keyboard controllers.

Remote studio services are also possible, complete with small playback monitors and computer for immediate review and editing on the spot.


Location recording for film, interviews, documentaries, shows, etc., with up to 12 concurrent channels and 9 wireless microphones. Handheld microphone options are also available.

Ambient soundscape recording with multiple microphones.

services including dialogue, voiceovers, ADR, and many others.

Audio Editing

Music - includes producing, editing, mixing, and mastering for musical recordings.

Film - includes editing and mixing for audio tracks, as well as sound design.

Other services include:

• Creation of music CD's (neatly printed labels optional)
• Conversion of audio formats
• Cassette to digital audio conversion.

Music ex. 1

Music ex. 2

Film ex. 1

Film ex. 2

Docu ex. 1

Docu ex. 2